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Our journey down the path to conception

7 June 1981
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Our journey began back in January of 2005, newly engaged, we decided that I should ditch the pill and we would begin preparing for a baby, knowing that it may take a while and that if it happened before the wedding it would be great. Time slowly started slipping by...We got married, moved across the country (twice) finally settling back home in August of 2007. We had a few doctors appointments in between and were told the standard time before investigation was one year. The year went by and I had another couple of doctor appointments and was given a slip for bloodwork, but since we weren't pursuing the issue immediately we let it slide. Finally, in October of 2007, we decided that now was the time to get things moving and we had initial tests done. The test results came back in January of 2008 (3 years after we started 'trying') and we were told we were possibly dealing with infertility...

So now the journey really begins.

EXCITING NEWS! After just about 4 years of TTC, we're pregnant!

Elena Cathline was born on August 19, 2009!

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